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Friday Flash 16.06.23

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Friday Flash


The weather’s been a little bit better this week but there hasn’t been an awful lot of fishing going on.  They’re getting pretty good results when out there though, so it’s definitely worth the effort.  There were a lot of snapper caught last weekend although the wind did get up which put a damper on most peoples trips.  With quite a strong breeze, finding a spot where wind and tide were more or less in the same direction, limited people to certain areas.  Over the last week there have been good hauls of snapper off Pink Beach and on the reef system between Centre Island and the Twins.  Yesterday we had a whopping 11.24kg snapper caught in Sponsors Grid area ‘Tilyard Plumbing’ by Denham Bayer fishing on Jazzy Girl.  It’s probably been a bit breezy to get out for a swordy drop but there are plenty of people keeping a close eye on the weather and also the progress of the southern bluefin tuna of which there have now been a number caught off Waihau Bay and eastern Bay of Plenty.


By all accounts the bluefin tuna are getting closer so hopefully they’ll be right on our front doorstep when this 2 month tournament kicks off on July 1st.  Entry is $300 per boat with all entry money returned as cash prizes.  Entry forms and rules are now available on the bar or on our website.


We had this last Wednesday night and it was a huge success. Despite almost doubling the number of roast meals we normally cook, they sold out in about 15-20 minutes.  Another very busy night for the club and thanks to the people who missed out on the roast but stayed and ordered off our regular menu anyway.


This was held last Friday and once again it was another busy night.  It is a great opportunity to thank all our grid sponsors for the significant contribution they collectively make to the club.  The drawn grid has been sent to the signwriter and we should have them available for the start of the new season on July 1st.  Please take the time to flick through the list of sponsors on the reverse of the Sponsors Grid Map and support them whenever you can.


Subs notices have been sent out and most people should have received them by now.  Subscriptions are due now and bear in mind that from July 1st, you must have paid your subs prior to going fishing, in order for any fish you catch to be recognised by the club.  This has even more significance if you’re entering the Winter Tuna Tournament.


Members are entitled to sign in their guests.  As a general guide, people can be signed in three times before we would expect them to join the club.  We would ask members who regularly sign in partners or friends, to request these people to join the club.


We are entering a slow period of the year for the club and like any other sensible business, we reduce staff levels accordingly.  Groups larger than 6 or 8 people that come for a meal may experience delays unless you call and let us know in advance.  Obviously the more notice the better, but even a quick phone call an hour or two before coming for a meal, will make a big difference.  We want to provide the best service we can for our members and you can help us to do this in these quieter times by simply letting us know before you come down.


With the new season approaching, we are on the lookout for one or two more volunteers to become official weighmasters for the club.  We currently have a team of 8 people ranging from very experienced to relatively new and we just need a couple more people so we can continue to share the load.  Full training will be given and you will be teamed up with somebody else until you feel confident yourself.  This is a great way to learn more about fishing as you are meeting people who have been out there doing it.  If you think you might be interested, please contact the office and we’ll put you in touch with Anne Smal, our Weighmaster Convenor.


We’re reaching the business end of the competition now with the semi finals on this weekend.  On Friday at 7.05 the Crusaders host the Blues and the following night at 7.05, the Chiefs are at home to the Brumbies.  Both games will be live on our big screen.

Club Draw – #2449 – $1500 – Joseph Hale N/C

The Jug – $250 per draw

#1        #89      Lisa

#2        #101    Tan’s

#3        #57      Fiona

Chuck a chook guest tosser – Wotzie – birthday next week while he’s in Fiji

#53      Pauline            Safe enough

#63      Elaine              Well caught – knocked her over into the balustrade

#69      Paula               Another well taken catch

#33      Russel             Well taken – although it was thrown a bit early.

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