Fishing Boat at Sunrise on Mercury Bay, NZ

Friday Flash 30.06.23

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Friday Flash

Friday Flash 23.06.23

Fishing: Unfortunately, not a lot going on – especially inshore.  The few reports I have received weren’t really that positive.  The fishing seems to have been a bit harder and although people are easily able to catch a feed, there are a few smaller snapper around.  Perhaps the weather conditions have been constraining the areas in which people can fish, resulting in less than ideal outcomes.

Sea conditions have also limited the amount of fishing out wide but there have a been a couple of boats out.  A couple of big eye were caught around the Hook  – H&M Pascoe grid area – and the southern bluefin seem to have been targeted around the Aldermen Knoll – Around Sheetmetals grid area.

Subscriptions: –    Just a last reminder that our financial year rolls over on tonight (Friday), so subscriptions are due now. If you catch a fish from Saturday on (July 1st), you need to have paid your subs for the club to be able to recognise your catch.

Winter Tuna Tournament:  –   This also kicks in on tomorrow (Saturday) and runs for the months of July and August.  By all accounts, there are southern bluefin tuna in our fishing area now so keep an eye out for the next weather window and get out and try your luck.  The tournament entry is $300 per boat with all money returned as cash prizes for Southern bluefin tuna and albacore.

Entry form and rules on the website, at the office or at the bar.

Thanks:  To another couple of businesses helping the club – Hayden at Mercury Bay Engineering for doing some small jobs for us free of charge and Jo and Cameron Brett at Flaxhaven Lodge for sponsoring another one of our bar leaners.  Check out their luxury guest accommodation here or find them on Google.

Thanks, we appreciate your support.

Club Draw – $1700.00    –   #1294       Pauline Wackrow  –   claimed      ‘well done’


The Jug – $250 per draw

#1           #190      Kaye

#2           #109      Richard

#3           #  17      Kaye (different person)

#4           # 39       Johan

Chuck a chook guest tosser –   Kevin James – new member

#200      Cassy                    easily taken

# 20       Cassy                    dropped – bit high, tried to duck but fended it off

# 63       Corey                   somehow got tangled in his fingers

#   2       Gailene                1st one – didn’t get to her

2nd one – no problem

#192      Pauline                 another safe catch


Tight Lines


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