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Friday Flash 09.06.23

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Friday Flash



There seem to be plenty of snapper out there at the moment with some excellent fish caught all up the eastern side of Great Mercury Island, both sides (north and south) of Korapuki, outside Ohinau and the Black Rocks.  Soft baiters are also doing well outside the Twins and in the Puddle near GMI.  As usual there are plenty of kingis being caught on the Aldermen Pins and also north of Richards Rock.  Those interested in bigger fish may be aware that one of the punters on an Epic Adventures Charter, boated a striped marlin on the Aldermen Pins last weekend whilst fishing for kingfish.  Would have been an excellent fight and that mid-winter marlin is bound to taste great. Well done guys!

 Kings Birthday Weekend Snapper Tournament:

The competition was well supported with 89 anglers fishing on 29 boats.  Attendance at prizegiving was well above expectations and it was a big night for the club.  Thanks to Melissa and Brad for spending a couple of hours in frigid conditions to weigh all the fish.  Also to Caroline for coming in to make sure all the admin was done so we could get the money to the right people.  Congratulations to the winners:  –  Tony Tucker (Shamrock) 8.71kg $1112.50, Josh Heikell (Payback) 8.61kg $667.50, and 3rd Tim Nightingale (Slaywards) 6.94kg $445.00.  The sweepstake winner was Shamrock $650.  Well done everyone and thanks for the great turnout.

Mid Winter Christmas Roast:

Next Wednesday, the roast will be our mid winter Christmas roast night.  Something a bit different and the price will remain at $15 per roast.  We look forward to seeing you here.

Super Rugby:

We’ve finally made it to the quarter finals and 4 different NZ teams are playing in 4 different games.  All games will be on the big screen when we’re open.  We start tonight with the Blues at home to the Waratahs at 7.35pm. On Saturday, top of the table Chiefs host the Reds at 4.35 followed by the Crusaders against Fijian Drua down in Christchurch.  At 9.35 on Saturday, the Hurricanes take on the Brumbies over in Canberra.

 Winter Tuna Tournament:

This cash in-cash out tournament runs for the months of July and August so keep it on your radar.  It would appear the bulk of the southern bluefin tuna are yet to round East Cape although the odd one is being caught in eastern Bay of Plenty.  Hopefully we’ll see plenty of these mid-winter pelagic fish in our area when the tournament gets underway.

Sponsors Grid Night:

This is taking place tonight so we should be able to get our 2023-24 Sponsors Grid ready in time for the start of next season.  The sponsors of this grid play an important role for our club, funding items that are specifically fishing related, including upgrades and work on the Blue Lagoon, weighmasters equipment and potentially, a much needed upgrade to our crane on the wharf.  We appreciate the support of these sponsors and encourage our members to support them in return, so that the club can continue to provide excellent facilities to our members and guests.

Club Draw – $1400-       #1347            Des Fitzpatrick   N/C


The Jug

$250 per draw

#1        118      Geoff

#2        127      Debbie

#3        123      Manu

 Chuck a Chook –  Guest Tosser:    Oscar – “Happy Birthday” for tomorrow

#125    Debbie            dropped a sitter

#106    Lisa                  had to be quick – good catch

#41      Lal                   second effort perfect

#61      Lisa                  another safe catch

#85      Phil                  took a couple of throws to get it to him but well caught in the end


Tight Lines



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