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Friday Flash 02.06.23

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There hasn’t been a lot of fishing over the last week but there was some – particularly last weekend.  Feedback was generally pretty good, with a couple of exceptions.  Several types of fishing were getting good results – softbaiting over sand between Centre Island and The Twins, straylining around Korapuke and Stanley Islands, and some deeper drops outside Ohinau and the Black Rocks.  The forecast is a bit better for this weekend and with quite a few people heading out for the Snapper Tournament, hopefully plenty of people will be enjoying fresh snapper for dinner.

Kings Birthday Weekend Snapper Tournament

We’re all go for this competition on Saturday with the forecast breeze coming offshore which should be okay for us.  Entry is $25 per angler and there is a $25 optional boat sweepstake. Entry forms and details are available on our website or at the bar.  Please be aware that entries close when the bar closes tonight.

Annual Subscriptions

Our annual subs notices are beginning to be sent out now.  You should receive yours in the post in the next week or two.  The most important date at the moment is for people who go fishing from the 1st July – they need to be paid by then for your catch to be recognized by the club.

Winter Tuna Tournament

The southern bluefin tuna are expected to round East Cape in the coming weeks and our Winter Tuna Tournament will hopefully be well timed to catch a few of these beauties as they travel through our fishing area.  The tournament will run for the month of July and August.  Once again, it’s a cash in – cash out tournament at $300 per boat, with all entry money returned as cash prizes.  Entry forms will be available very soon.

Super Rugby

It’s the last week of the Round Robin part of this championship. Tonight the Blues are at home to the Highlanders at 7.05pm.  On Saturday at 7.05pm the Hurricanes host the Crusaders.  These games will be shown live at the club our big screen.  The Chiefs are in Australia against the Force at midnight on Saturday – we won’t be here for that one but I’m sure we’ll see them in action next week.

Club Draw – $1300-       #2719             Michael Hoogendoorn N/C


The Jug

$250 per draw

#1        66        Jan

#2        15        Annette

#3        194      Rowena

#4        77        Gaylene

 Chuck a Chook –  Guest Tosser:    Macca – thought he’d escaped a birthday throw last week

#147    Elizabeth         no problem

#172    Christine         dropped – over her shoulder, too slow

# 44     Phil                  tried to slap it away but it hit his chest and he caught it

#122    Phil                  same again – good throwing

#94      Peter               good effort, good catch

#31      Harper            1st throw – too high, 2nd throw – well taken

Tight Lines






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