MBGFC Friday Flash - Mercury Bay Shoreline at Xmas Time

Friday Flash 24.03.23

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Most of the focus has been on the bigger fish this week with hundreds of boats out searching for marlin.  In the end, best results were from the bottom half of our Sponsors Grid.  Around the Aldermens and east of there was very popular and there were a number of fish caught.  Apparently there’s plenty of blue water down towards Mayor and the Rangatiras too.  The water around the Hook and out towards the Ammo Dump is green and not showing signs of hold a lot of fish.

We heard a few reports of snapper being caught around Great Mercury and in the Puddle. It seems that most popular spots have fish around, a little patience and favourable sea conditions are helpful.

Kubota Billfish Classic

What a huge event for the club!  This tournament was successful in all aspects and we had about 1000 people here for prizegiving on Saturday.  We’ve already paid out most of the $642,000 in cash prizes and winners have collected the almost $200K of other prizes.  Congratulations to all the winners and in particular the crew on local trailer boat, Maximus, who shared first place in Champion Team.

A top effort by staff and volunteers ensured minimal queuing – thanks again to all the volunteers.  Our biggest thanks go to organiser Thomas Maxwell whose drive and passion has built the tournament to the biggest cash prize tournament in the Southern Hemisphere and he hasn’t finished yet!

We have top skippers from all around the country trying to enter this tournament now so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Longshore Marine Lure Coaching Seminar

Mark this in your diary for Monday 17th April at 6pm.  Stuart at Longshore Marine has organised Captain Espresso from Catch Fishing to give a coaching presentation to add to your fishing knowledge…  how to massively increase your success with soft baits, slow pitch and mechanical jigs, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned angler.  More details on posters around the clubrooms or on our website.


Free entry – see you there.


Once again to the many members who helped over the last few weeks at tournament (collecting bottles) and working bees.  We’ve some really good turnouts which has made it a lot easier for everybody and we do appreciate you giving up your time.

Thanks also to Placemakers Whitianga who have always been good supporters of the club and helped out at very short notice by loading equipment and stock so that we could continue our preparation for the tournaments with minimal fuss.

Last night we say goodbye to Tiana who is relocating to Dunedin, Tiana has worked here for the past year and a half behind the bar, raffle nights and in the office, thanks for being a big part of our fishing club team, we wish you all the best in your next adventure and know that you will do well in your new job.  Tiana will still be doing our social media so she will be kept up to date with what is going on around here!

Club Draw – #914        $1700  Maxine Golaboski   N/C

The Jug

$250 per draw

#1        #150    Jackie

#2        #129    Doug

#3        #147    Macca

#4        #122    Wazza

Chuck a Chook – Guest Tosser – Mary – birthday girl today!  Happy Birthday

#162    Pinky               overhead to overhead!

# 31     Christine         far too easy

# 56     Chrissie           another too easy one

# 12     Tiana               donated back

# 75     Bill                   chair may have helped…

#190    Elizabeth         great catch

#159    Rowie              a bit easy

Tight Lines



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