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Friday Flash 09.09.22

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Friday Flash

9.09.22 Friday Flash


I’ve had some really good reports in the last week or so regarding snapper fishing.  There are some very big fish being caught, many of which are be photographed and returned with estimates close to, or over, 20lb.  A burley trail drifting over reef structure seems to lure these monsters out pretty well and most of the success has been further out around the Mercury Islands although there have been big fish caught as close in as Centre Island.  The snapper are in good condition and seem to be keen to bite hard with stray-lining and soft baiting both providing success.


It is with sadness that we advise you of the passing of one of our Honorary members, Carolyn Cowley after a lengthy illness.  Our thoughts are with her husband John Cowley (Life member) and family and friends.

 Winter Tuna Tournament

Congratulations to the team on Mile Zero who cleaned up most of the prizes in the Winter Tuna Tournament this year – they really put in the effort and got the results.  Congratulations also to Beerly Legal (2nd Southern Bluefin) and Shamrock (1st Albacore).  All other placings went to Mile Zero including tagging prizes.

Local Body Elections

Next Thursday we have Tairua Pauanui Sportfishing Club President Warren Maher, who is standing for Waikato

Regional Council and John Freer, TCDC Mayoral candidate, as our guests at club night.  This year’s elections

are more important than ever, and you will all be aware of the recent draft Coastal Plan issued by Waikato Regional Council that included a number of what could only be described as concerning proposals that would have seen a number of popular fishing areas potentially closed for fishing.  This is something our club is taking seriously and its vital we get the right people into the key positions who will have the interests of recreational fishers at heart. John and Warren have both indicated their support and it’s important we give them an opportunity to talk to our members who may choose to use their vote to support those that will represent our interests.  If the Coromandel is not your usual place of residence but you own a property here in either your name or the name of an entity such as a trust or a company, then you can also vote.  Please make sure that you are registered as your vote counts.

AGM & Prizegiving

These two events are taking place this Saturday with the AGM kicking off at 5pm and prizegiving starts after the ‘presidents shout’ which, of course, begins as soon as we conclude the AGM.  The formalities will finish with the drawing of the winner of the $5000 cash from the Whitianga Diesel/Coastline Excavations tagging.


If you haven’t yet paid your annual subs, please do so by September 20th, so that you do not incur the $20 late  payment penalty fee

Club Draw

#524                $1100  Alison Willetts   –  N/C

 The Jug

$250 per draw

#37      Mary

#94      Mark

#123    Bruce

Complimentary meal at House of Change Thai   #30  Lisa

Chuck a Chook – Guest Tosser –    John Neighbours – Last club night as President

#150    Lily                   well caught  – thrown Trevor Chappell style!

# 13     Gaylene          dropped – bounced off her chest

#113    June                easy catch

# 15     Colleen           exceptional catch – nearly knocked the stool over

#104    Mary               well taken on the 2nd go, not a bad underarm

#133    Johan              another good catch – overarm this time – how’s the shoulder!

Turns out John’s love for cricket doesn’t stop at chucking the odd underarm

Tight Lines



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