Friday Flash- Mercury Bay Sunrise

Friday Flash 25.11.22

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Same report as the last couple of weeks – none!!  This must be shaping up to be one of the worst weather spells (as far as fishing is concerned) in spring for many years.  It’s not enough we have DOC (proposed High Protection Areas), MPI (Caulerpa CAN), WRC (Regional Coastal Plan – since abandoned)

And local extremists all trying to stop us from fishing – now we have Mother Nature to contend with too!

Hawaiian Night

To celebrate the beginning of summer, we will be holding our annual Hawaiian Night next Thursday, Dec 1st.

Put on your Hawaiian shirt, lei or hula skirt and join in the festivities.  We’ll add Hawaiian Burgers, Ham Steaks and a few cocktails to our usual offerings – should be a great night!

Door Checks

Be aware that over the summer, our committee will be conducting periodic door checks for membership status.  Please make sure that your subscriptions have been paid and any guests you bring are signed in.  As a guide, people should only be signed in three times after which we would expect them to become a member if they choose to continue to use our facilities.

Staff Wanted

The club is in need of more staff for our kitchen and bar. Specifically we need more people over the holiday and tournament seasons, but some of these jobs will become more permanent as we have current staff that will be leaving town next year for further study and other reasons.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in working in our fantastic environment, please contact Alan in the first instance (07) 8664121 or

Ladies Blue Tournament

The Ladies Blue kicks off on December 1st and runs through until the end of April 2023. Eligible species are all species of billfish and tuna.  Get your boat (team) entered now and any lady members of our club or any other club affiliated to NZSFC who catch a fish on that boat will have her fish count towards the tournament prizes.

Undertow Saltwater Apparel

We are excited to have these guys come onboard as one of the major sponsors of the Kubota Billfish Classic 2023. Undertow are a boutique saltwater apparel brand based in Australia with a focus on providing high quality apparel for the Billfishing community.  Undertow have an awesome online store with a range of garments for on the water fun, casual get together and just your every day.  You can even custom your own T’shirts with your boat on it!   Check them out here

Club Draw

#374      $900      Judy Russell        N/C

The Jug

$250 per draw

#1           #62        Paula

#2           #41        Lisa

#3           #148      Mary

#4           #58        Chris

Complimentary meal at House of Chang Thai    #6            Kay

 Chuck a Chook – Guest Tosser  – Grant Wadsworth – Co-convenor for the MBGFC Open – doing the hard yards for the last couple of months.

#164      Hanna                  easy catch

#122      Cassy                    dropped – easy throw – too casual

#71        Isreal                    – too easy for his mate

#120      Bryn                      dropped – bit low, couldn’t get down in time

#192      Rowie                   another easy one

#143      Bryn                      dropped – another low throw and excellent effort but just didn’t stick

#165      Karen                    nearly sconned her, safe catch

#160      Wendy                 never looked with missing

Tight Lines

Alan – Manager




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