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2024 Online Entry Form


The Boat Details section of this entry form may be passed to Coastguard solely for the purposes of assisting should a SAR be initiated.

When using Channel 61 as required in the rules or otherwise, you are notifying vessel intentions only. SAR trip reports and emergencies should be communicated on channel 63 - COASTGUARD.


All anglers must be current financial members of Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club Inc (MBGFC) or an affiliated NZSFC club. Day membership for all three days of the tournament will suffice, provided that this is arranged and paid for prior to the commencement of the tournament.

It is the skipper's and/ or angler's responsibility to ensure that any membership is up to date and paid for. MBGFC will not be checking this prior to the tournament, and any fish caught by anglers not meeting this eligibility requirement will be disqualified  from the tournament.

This is an important rule, we expect team captains to check evidence that anglers on their team meet this criteria. Regardless of any announcements made during or after the tournament, prize money will not be paid until and unless this eligibility requirement can be proven

*New membership application forms can be found here


Once you have entered the tournament, refunds will only be available if your team is able to be replaced. MBGFC will endeavour to find a replacement from the waiting list and other means but there are no guarantees. MBGFC have already committed to allocation of all funds from entries.


Entry is deemed not valid until payment has been made.

MBGFC Bank Account 03 1578 0038675 00
Please state your  boat name in the REFERENCE field on the statement

@ $1500 per boat
@ $80 plus $40 nomination Fee = $120 x ... anglers. ***Please complete a membership application form first ***
@ $15 per day x 3 days = $45 x ... anglers. *** Please provide the names of the Day Membership Anglers.

Kubota Billfish Classic Terms & Conditions


I have entered into the above fishing competition. I understand and accept that it involves a certain degree of risk to be associated with fishing either land based, from personal watercraft or from any sized vessel. Hazards that I could encounter whilst involved in this activity may include and is not limited to weather conditions, sea conditions, underwater obstructions, channel markers, other vessels, navigating, anchoring, traveling during darkness, mooring, and all other matters related to the sport of fishing and boating in general.

1. All skippers must sign a copy of this document prior to commencing the tournament.
2. Where possible it is recommended that all skippers should attend a tournament briefing.
3. It shall be the responsibility of the Skipper to advise his/her other team members of the information given at the briefing.
4. It shall be the responsibility of the Skipper to advise the correct authority of their intended fishing area and estimated time of return. - Coastguard Channel 63
5. In the event of an emergency on the water, participants are to notify their nearest Coastguard or radio operator.

6. All participants agree and accept:-
• To enter this Tournament at their own risk;
• That boating and fishing involves a risk;
• Not to hold Tournament organizers, Officials, Sponsors or any other person involved with the Tournament liable for any loss or injury to person or equipment incurred during the Tournament;
• Notwithstanding any representations made, it shall be the responsibility of all participants to ensure that the provisions of all statutes, ordinances, regulations and by-laws related to (but not limited) to boating and fishing are complied with;
7. All participants agree to have read and understood the Tournament Rules.

It is the skippers responsibility to decide whether or not to put to sea on any one day, taking into consideration the prevailing conditions, the seaworthiness of their vessel, the status of safety equipment on board, and the crews seamanship skills.
• I have the necessary skill, knowledge and qualifications to safeguard all on board.
• My vessel & all equipment are properly maintained.
• My vessel carries all the necessary safety equipment.
• We have a minimum of two means of communication; i.e. VHF marine radio, cellphone, flares etc.
• Each passenger has a correctly fitting buoyancy aid.
• My passengers are briefed on the location and use of all safety equipment.
• My vessel is loaded within its limit and all equipment is securely stowed.

I agree that neither the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club (Inc) nor any parties associated with the event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any risk incident that may arise, whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death that might be sustained by me or my crew, from my intended or actual participation in the event or related activities.

I have made my crew aware of these conditions and have authority to sign on their behalf.
Clear Signature
The team agrees to fish by the tournament rules. I have made my crew aware of these conditions and have the authority to sign on their behalf.

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