Health & Safety

Health & Safety


The Competition Health & Safety Plan defines the key Health and Safety activities necessary to achieve Health & Safety objectives, and assigns responsibility for these activities and monitors their completion. Among other things, it serves as a reminder to those responsible for performing Health and Safety activities. It does not detail the rules for performing the various activities but references these rules.
The Plan is designed to be used actively by all committee members and competitors involved in the running and entering of fishing and diving competitions, this will provide a systematic approach to the Management of Safety.


The competition will be carried out in the following sequence:
 Committee ratification of competitions
 Competition Briefing Evening, Rules, Hazards and Disclaimer information
 Competition
 Prize Giving
 Post Competition update to Committee

2.1 Pre Competition (Briefing)

The committee will nominate a sub group to arrange and run each competition but will have the full support of all the committee. The sub group will ensure the following area are covered at the competition briefing the evening prior to the competition.

 Competition rules, hazard ID and Disclaimer forms are handed out to all competitors and disclaimer form is signed and returned to the nominated sub group.
 Entry of all competitors and boat names into the competition spreadsheet.
 Check of the weather forecast for the competition dates.
 Check with Port Authority for shipping movements and notify them of the competition dates and start and finish times.
 Print out the boat schedule for the radio operator.
 Ensure the radio operator has been arranged for the competition.
 A member of the sub group will run through all of the rules and identify the known hazards for the competition.
 Ask all present at the briefing that they have read and understood the rules and associated hazards.
 Those unable to register on the briefing evening must do so on the first morning of the competition, this can be completed by the radio
operator at the clubrooms
 No boats much leave the harbour unless they have read and understood the rules and hazards and completed the disclaimer form.Competition

2.2 Competition

The committee or the designated sub group will identify hazards and control measures for the competition on a daily basis and update each evening at the completion of the prize giving. In addition, the following will be carried out and communicated to the relevant parties prior to the commencement of the competition:

 Complete a pre start check for weather conditions.
 A nominated sub group members will send a boat out of the harbour to check the sea conditions and report back to the radio operator to the suitability of running the competition, taking into account the size of all boats entered in the competition.
 The radio operator is to check with Port Authorities for shipping movements and update all boats entered in the competition where possible.
 The radio operator will inform competitors if the competition is going ahead or postponed.
 The radio operator will then log all boats into the boat schedule with their POB, destination and ETA.
 The radio operator will then give the approval for boats to leave the harbour.
 A radio schedule will take place during the competition, all boats must update their location and ETA back in to the Radio Operator.
 All incidents and near misses must be reported to the Radio operator immediately and followed up in writing to the designated sub group leader on return to the club rooms.
 The competition rules outline the fishing times and weigh station closing times, these times must be taken into account when making
your plans to fish in each competition. Ensuring you given yourself sufficient time to safely return to Port.
 On return to Port each boat must update their arrival back with the radio operator.

2.3 Post Competition

The designated sub group will update the main committee on any issues, near misses or hazards that have been identified or have occurred during the competition, these will then be reviewed and any modifications made to the Health and Safety plan for future competitions.


Safety is everybody’s responsibility, however it is the responsibility of the boat owner/skipper to ensure that they are competent in operating their boat in a safe manner. They must have all the required safety equipment on board and are competent in its use.
They must ensure that all people on board their boat are aware of the rules, hazards and control measures associated with them entering these competitions. The following information will be given to all boat owners/skippers for each competition.
 Hazard ID form
 Boat Safety Checklist
 Competition Rules
 Supplementary Rules
 Competition disclaimer form
 Emergency contact phone numbers
 Update of additional hazards


 All accidents or incidents shall be reported immediately to Club Base radio operator followed up in writing on the appropriate incident form and handed to the designated sub group leader on return to the club rooms.
 All reported accidents or incidents will be investigated and discussed at the next committee meeting.
 All reports will be closed out with the relevant parties
 Update of Health & Safety Plan and hazard ID as required.
 Responsibility – M.B.G.F.C. Tournament Committee


All emergencies will be directed to Club Base Radio operator, Coastguard, and the Police on 111, they will direct the emergency response team as they see fit. All skippers and competitors must comply with their requests at all times