Boats on the water starting out for a Fishing Competition on Mercury Bay

Friday Flash 28th January, 2022

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Once again I haven’t heard much about inshore fishing this week other than there are plenty of snapper being caught in the river.  Out wide, marlin are still being caught on a regular basis but only really a few each day.  There a lot of reports of people getting a ‘tap’ and marlin in the lures but not biting hard enough to hook up.  A complete lack of skippies makes it that much harder to present a live bait to these inquisitive fish but as the season goes on and more people start using livies, perhaps the hook up rate will increase.  Most successful grids in the last week or so are PBA Ltd CA Louis Wright, Coastline Excavations and Crows Nest Apartments.

Girls in the Bay – Ladies Tournament:

As previously advised this tournament has been postponed until Easter Saturday.  More details and the conditions under which the tournament will proceed will be sent out in the next few days and posted on our website.

Ladies Blue:

The Ladies Blue Tournament is in full swing and if you’re heading out wide in the next couple of months or so you really should consider entering.  As yet no marlin have been weighed for this tournament so this category is still up to be won yet. There have been a few marlin tagged and the heaviest tuna so far is around the 10kg mark.

Annual Prize Giving:

We had a busy and successful night in the club last Saturday with our annual prizegiving.  Congratulations to all the award recipients including Tony Tucker (Hooper Cup) – Angler scoring most points for the season, Tom Maxwell (Shiraz Cup) – Skipper of launch scoring most points in local waters on heavy tackle and Thomas Boyd skipper of Undertaker (Hughes & Cossar Trophy) – non charter launch scoring most points for the season.  Thomas Boyd also won the Whitianga Diesel/Coastline Excavations Tagging Club draw for $5,000 cash which was fitting since his boat released 13 billfish during the season.  Liam Clothier won $1,500.00 in the Pinnacle Marine Junior Tagging Club.

Other Tournaments:

As previously advised, planning is now underway to ensure we are able to go ahead with the Tristram Marine Open, the CRC Trailer Boat Tournament and the Kubota Billfish Classic.  Further details will be shared closer to the commencement of each tournament, but we are determined to ensure these tournaments go ahead and we will adapt our prizegiving procedure to ensure we comply with the restrictions placed on us with the traffic light system at red.

Variety Fishing Competition:

There is still over a month to go in this fishing competition that we are selling tickets for.  The tournament is raising money for charity and there are some great prizes to win including a $35,000 Ford Puma which is a drawn prize.  Visit their website for more information at    Tickets to the competition can be purchased at the club.

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