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Friday Flash 23.09.22

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Friday Flash


Not much to report this week – everybody who wants to, seems to be catching fish.  Pretty much the same story for the last few weeks now, there are some big snapper in excellent condition and they’re on the bite. Straylining into a burley trail or using soft baits are both proving effective.  Most popular spots around rocks and reefs are fishing well but snapper also being caught on sand or mud inside Great Mercury.  There are plenty of gurnard around too and once again, they’re in good shape.  It’s a great time to get out and catch a feed between squalls, hopefully the weather will let up for us soon.

75th Anniversary

This Sunday 25th, is the 75th anniversary of the meeting in 1947 that established the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club.  We will be celebrating this on Sunday and have invited past presidents, vice presidents and life members for dinner, drinks and some words about the history of the club from John Neighbours. We also invite any of our other members that want to join us in this celebration.  We will have our normal menu with normal pricing.  Its all due to start at 6.30pm.

Local Rugby

As you may know, Thames Valley Rugby is playing North Otago Rugby at Lyon Park on Saturday at 2.00pm. We will be feeding the North Otago Rugby Team in the club here on Friday evening and then again on Saturday morning.  The club will be open for members as usual but please give them some space on Friday evening while they are having their meal which will be dished up at the office end of the room.

Test Rugby

The All Blacks play against the Wallabies again this week with kick off at 7.05pm on Saturday night.  We’ll be showing the game on the big screen again so pop in for something to eat and/or drink and watch the game here with a few friends.

Club Apparel

We’ve finally had our new club clothing arrive in the last day or so.  We’ve made an initial order and have limited stock of some sizes.  We do have at least one of each size of each item and the items are: Polo shirt $65, Long Sleeved Shirt $65, Singlets $55.

If we don’t have stock of your particular size, we will be making new orders every couple of weeks or so.  The clothing has been professionally designed and looks very smart so it will be good to see this clothing popping up around town and of course, in the clubrooms.  We recommend that where possible, you try the item on before picking a size as the sizing is fairly big.

Local Body Elections

Just a reminder that Waikato Regional Council candidate, Warren Maher, is fully supportive of maintaining access to our coastal and marine environment for those who derive social, cultural and personal well being from being able to gather seafood.  Warren also has a good handle on the multitude of issues (outside of fishing) currently facing the WRC.  Getting Warren elected to WRC will have a significant positive impact for us, as he has our interests at heart.

A combination of Warren (WRC) with John Freer (Mayoral Candidate TCDC) and John Grant (Councillor Candidate TCDC) would improve the relationship between TCDC and WRC which would end in positive outcomes for our area.


Unfortunately, now that we are past the 20th September, any unpaid subscriptions (senior for family) will attract a $20 late penalty.  Please note that this penalty is written into the constitution and staff do not have the authority to waive it.

Marine protected Areas

We’ve written an article that explains the reason that our club is opposed to the implementation of new Marine Protected Area (in some circumstances).  We’ve tried to keep it short, but it will still take a few minutes to read it.  Please take the time to read it by clicking here or look for it on our website.

It’s important that everyone understands that we are very keen to protect and enhance biodiversity in the marine space, but we don’t believe that ring fencing some areas as MPA’s and say “to hell with the rest”, is the best way to look after our marine environment.

Club Draw

#2180              $1300              Deidre Watson           N/C

 The Jug

$250 per draw

#28      Ross

#106    Oz

#120    Shaun

Chuck a Chook – Guest Tosser –     Zoe Smith – One of our bar staff – fresh back from a trip to Fiji

 #50      Brian               Great Start !

#136    Eric                  Unlucky drop

#21      Pauline            Nice throw after lots of directions

#55      Nikki                Pathetic throw

#100    Nikki                Way too easy

#30      Ross                Good effort – may have been a bit low…

#35      Angie               Way too casual!

#61      Gavin              Best catch of the night

Tight Lines




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