Friday Flash 22.07.22


I haven’t heard a lot about the fishing this week but there were quite a few boats out last Sunday.  Once again there was no problem catching the in-shore species with plenty of snapper and a few kingies caught.  Further out a few southern bluefin tuna were caught including the tournament leading 104kg fish, caught by Aaron Costello on Mile Zero.  Sagerbird and Uber Air were the two lucky grid squares.  We also had Leroy Sloane on Gonzo with a club record 23.38kg albacore on 24kg line.  Well done Leroy.

Boat Ramp Passes

For the small number of people that buy their boat ramp permits from the club, please be aware that from August 1st, we will no longer be selling them.  The TCDC is upgrading the method by which they are sold and we don’t have the facilities available at the bar to do this any more.

 Waikato Region Coastal Plan

Once again, our thanks to LegaSea and the NZ Sport Fishing Council for providing us with this easy-to-use online submission form.  If any of you have been remiss enough not to have made your submission yet, please get onto this asap as submissions close Friday afternoon (today).  It takes about 30 second to fill it in and it’s very easy.  Please click this link to make a start here.  Just a quick recap – a couple of Regional Councillors are proposing options that will close off large areas of our fishing area, to fishing.  We strongly believe that using this tool (the RMA) is not the correct way that our fisheries should be managed and we believe we have uncovered an effort by a minority interest group to get these proposals onto the 10 year plan under the radar just as they did with Motiti Island in the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Club Draw:  If you were one of these people you missed out on the $1800 because you weren’t here!

Rhodelia Casipit, Graham Ross, Stewart Brown, Jessica Edmonds, Gail O’Neil, Margaret-Anne Visser, harry (Robert) Hansen, Blair McLean, Don Gerrand, Lynn Hickey, James Davies, Brook Evans, Donna Norris, Donna Needham, Bailey Tarr, Eileen Connelly, Colleen Joblin, Arol Christini, Grant Tidmarsh, Maria Osborn, Jeanette Wouters, Dennis Milne, Paul McKeown, Don Edgecombe, Megan Giri, Millie Taylor, Isaak Crosland, Sophie Brown, Elyse Muirson, James Illingsworth, Phyll Pascoe, Mark Fausett, Jakob Zohs, William Beetz, Maxwell Flowerday, Marianne Sanderson, Jeanette McMahon, Val Fox, patricia Bryant, peter Lamont, Clayton Gubb, Jason Van Esch, Ed Arron.

$1800  – #1005                Sue Earle –   Very pleased for you Sue, a well deserved win.

Jug Draws – $250 each draw

#37                       Lisa

#125                     Kevin

#120                     Barend

#65                       Ine


CHUCK A CHOOK  Guest Tosser   Tim Hennessy – standing for committee this year.

#32        Pauline                 Dropped easy throw, straight through her hands

#153      Macca                  Easy throw, easy catch

#52        ?                            Another easy throw

#176      Isreal                    Dropped – pushed from behind, didn’t have much chance

#131      Niels                     Dropped – prepared himself but couldn’t hold it

#92        Ine                        Easy Catch

#98        Ross                      Dropped – should be kicking himself – would normally get that

#47        ?                            Well caught

Tight Lines

Alan – Manager

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