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Friday Flash 12.08.22

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I’ve only heard a couple of reports from people snapper fishing and they were out around Great Mercury Island.  They managed to get their limited (their own limit, not the maximum allowed) but it took a bit of time.  I haven’t heard from anyone fishing inside the bay so I don’t know what effect all the fresh water has had.  Further out there were more southern bluefin tuna caught on Friday and Saturday. Whitianga Waterways and Sagerbird were the spots they were caught and it’s good to know these fish are still around with nearly 3 weeks to go in the Winter Tuna Tournament.

New Committee

Nominations for officers and committee closed at 4pm today.  Our officers for the coming season will be:  President – Gordon McIvor, Vice President – Anne Smal and Patron – Warren Harris (Wazza).

There were more nominations that the 8 available positions on the committee so we will be having an election again this year.  Election forms will be sent out with the AGM notice via email over the next week or so.

If you don’t currently receive the Friday Flash, you won’t receive this email so contact the office to get your details updated.  We would like to congratulate Gordon, Anne and Wazza for their appointments.

$5000 Scholarship

As reasonably well published, due to the successful nature of the Kubota Billfish Classic, the club is offering a $5000 scholarship to eligible people who were under 18 yrs of age on 01/01/22 and live in the Coromandel area.  The Scholarship will be awarded to the person that wins the competition to design the logo for this season’s Kubota Billfish Classic and can be used for tertiary study costs, costs and equipment for an apprenticeship or other education and/or employment expenses if approved by MBGFC.  This competition closes next week on Friday (19th) so get your thinking cap on and let us know you’re entering.  Details are available on the forms at the bar or kids (or their parents) can contact us in the office. Some conditions apply.

Facebook Page

People that follow the club’s Facebook page will know that we like to celebrate catches, particularly those that are caught in our area, by posting photos on our Facebook page.  If you have caught a fish and would like to see it on our page, you must send us the picture.  We won’t post anything that is too blurry, gory or inappropriate in any way.  If you weigh a fish, don’t rely on the picture taken by the weighmaster (if any was), as low quality photos won’ t be posted.  Check that the quality is okay or take your own photos.  We prefer photos taken while the fish is on the boat than hanging at the weighstation but will post either one.

Club Draw:          $700  – #1888     Blair Stonnell    N/C

Jug Draws – $250 each draw

#75        Carol

#97        Lorraine

#159      Anne

#83        Yatesy

Complimentary meal at House of Chang Thai:    #200      Anne

CHUCK A CHOOK  Guest Tosser   :  Marlon Ross young staff member doing his last shift tonight before heading to the UK.

#115      Isreal                    excellent catch, hope it didn’t hurt too much

#153      Mary                     well taken

#114      Ine                        another good catch

#161      Daniel                   dropped – cleared the table behind of drinks

#22        Bones                   dropped – well done Isreal though

#154                                    top throw, top catch

#196                                    another good throw, well taken

Tight Lines

Alan – Manager

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