Fishing Boat at Sunrise on Mercury Bay, NZ

Friday Flash 10th December 2022

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Friday Flash


A bit of a swell has kept many people off the water this week although there’s a pretty good forecast for the next few days.

Snapper fishing has been a bit harder with spawning season well under way. Using smaller baits and keeping your line at least 5 to 10 metres off the bottom might improve your success. There have been a few snapper caught in the river and around the river mouth but most are being caught in the Puddle in 30-40 metres.

No reports from out wide this week although there were one or two boats out there. Hopefully there’ll be a bit of action out there this weekend.

Members Draw:

Some people will remember that when we went into our most recent ‘lockdown’ our members draw was up to $1500. When we started doing our draws again a few weeks ago, we ‘parked’ the $1500 and started fresh since a large number of our members were not able to get here.  With the borders re-opening on the 15th, we will run this original members draw from the 16th December.  If it is not struck, it will jackpot to $1600 which must be won by somebody in the clubrooms on December 23rd.  The other draw that we have started (now up to $900) will continue each week as normal so there will be 2 draws on the 16th and possibly on the 23rd December.

SUZUKI Top Tuna Top Tournament:

Start thinking about getting your entries in for this 8 day tournament that begins on January 1st.  There is at least $10,000 cash up for grabs along with 5 x DF2.5 Suzuki outboard motors and other sponsors product.  When the entry money paid exceeds $10,000 the top three prizes will increase accordingly.

Girls in the Bay Ladies Fishing Competition:

Last Girl Standing angler drawn prize – $10,000 CASH

Time is running out for your early bird entries which close on December 15th.  Entry up to this date will be $100 per angler ($120 from Dec 16th).  Your will qualify for a $1000 cash draw, receive a Sisterhood T-Shirt and a boat starter pack.  The tournament is on January 29th, get your entries in by the 15th to be eligible for these extra treats.

Staff Changes:

You will notice several staff changes over the next few days and this has made life difficult for us, particularly in the kitchen.  I would like to acknowledge our appreciation to the current kitchen staff that have really stepped up for during a busy and difficult period.  We expect to be back on track by the weekend and we also appreciate the patience of our members.  I would also like to thank those members who offered their help – whether or not we were able to take them up.

Vaccine Pass:

Thanks everyone for your understanding of our requirement to sight vaccination passes.  Most of the committee members have offered to help with this necessary task over the next few months on a roster system so it’s likely you’ll be asked for it more than once.  I would like to thank the committee members for helping us out here and taking some pressure off our staff on busier nights.

Next Wednesday’s Roast:

Roast Wednesday 15th December will be roast beef with a Yorkshire pudding  $15.00

37 Raffles:
Club Draw: $900.00   09.12   # 792        Dave Simmons      N/C

3 Jug Draws

John, Ian and Jacko

Complimentary Meal At House Of Chang Thai

#49    Mary

CHUCK A CHOOK  Guest Tosser   AJ – good sponsor of the Club

140        Mary      Fairly easy

66          Lisa        Dropped, hard throw. Had to defend herself

8          Zoe        Good throw  – safe catch

64          Ross       Dropped – nearly had it, bounced out

150        Stu         Another hard throw, good catch

47          Peter     Dropped! Another person who needed to defend himself

19          Tom       Hard throw….safe enough

81          Brian      1st throw too low. 2nd throw straight into the bread basket

119        Macka   Good solid catch

Tight lines




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