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Friday Flash 07.01.22

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Friday Flash


Happy New Year to all our club members

 Club Record acknowledged:

We would like to recognise Tony Tucker’s Broadbill as a club record on 37kg line, caught on 22nd February 2021 weighing 222kg.  This supercedes the record for this line which had been held since 1967. Congratulations Tony.

Suzuki Tuna Top Ten Tournament update – Thanks to the Sponsor of this tournament SUZUKI   –    79 boats / 209 Anglers

Leader board as follows:

Phillip Holland            Yellowfin Tuna             35.5kg

Mac O’Connor            Yellowfin Tuna            33.8kg

Karl Boielle                 Yellowfin Tuna             30.3kg

Chris Sadler                 Yellowfin Tuna            26kg

Bruce Troughear         Albacore                     10.5kg

Kim Schlaepfer           Albacore                     10kg

Katherine Sieling        Albacore                     9.8kg

Ant Bentley                 Albacore                     9.7kg

Wayne McGregor       Albacore                     9.5kg

Nick Walters               Albacore                     9.5kg

Earlier in the week Samantha Good on Detox weighed a 36.6kg Yellowfin but was not in the tuna tournament or a club member at the time. This would have been the leading fish to date.

Striped Marlin

There have been a quite a few Striped Marlin tagged and released in the last few days, with a lot of hook ups today.

A couple of stripeys have been tagged by ladies in the Ladies Blue Competition, Rachel McIvor x 1 and Anne Smal x 2

We have also had 3 striped marlin weighed, with the heaviest being 164kg

Congratulations to all the anglers and their crew.

Striped Marlin and Yellowfin caught in sponsors grid:  Placemakers, Crows Nest Apartments, Razorback Hunting & Fishing, Mark Vernon Memorial, Coastline Excavation, Peninsula Business Services Ltd.

Albacore caught in sponsors grid: Platinum Homes

Girls in the Bay Ladies Tournament 29th January

Just a reminder the entries close 24th January for ‘Girls in the Bay’ ladies tournament, get your entries in to go into the draw for the last Girl standing $10,000 cash!!   $30,000.00 total prize pool.

53 Raffles

Club draw: 06.01.22  $1400.00     # 2382 Ms Deborah Maxwell  N/C

4 Jug Draws

# 69       Lisa

# 181     Graham

# 94       Elizabeth

# 14       Leah


Complimentary Meal At House Of Chang Thai    #188      Jackson

CHUCK A CHOOK  Guest Tosser   Bill Skinner / Gamebase Radio Operator

51           ?                            Overhead throw caught nicely

142        ?                            One handed throw, nice catch

61           Mary                     Went through the tips of her fingers and slipped it

2             Sean                     Clapped his hands to catch and missed

131        Rae                       Through her hands, another one to miss

198        ?                            Overhand caught nicely

142        ?                            Nice throw and good catch

98           ?                            Threw to the side, missed

195        ?                            Good catch

Apologises for not knowing faces, a great turnout last night, hope you all enjoyed yourselves


Tight Lines

Caro and Carma

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