Friday Flash 24.02.23

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Friday Flash

Nationals and The Mercury Bay Open are happening right now with a really good spell of weather to kick these tournaments off.  It’s still to early to pick the front-runners as not all tag cards are at the weigh station yet, but there are plenty of big fish caught out wide and several boats have done very well on the lighter gear with smaller species too.

Thanks to our weighmasters who have been working hard during the Open and Nationals, there have been some late nights!


As mentioned, we are aware that there are many tag cards that haven’t yet been brought to the weigh station but at this early stage we have a couple of notable mentions –  Team Mercy is leading the Nationals for CD Rods Trophy – Overall team champions and the team on Mad Max are well on the way to defend their possession of the very prestigious John Hough Memorial Trophy for the most points scored from striped marlin.  Last year Mad Max won this trophy with 5400 points.  This year, as at last night, Thomas Maxwell and his crew have scored 8400 points having tagged 14 striped marlin.  Top effort guys and good luck for the next couple of days.  We also have Tony Croft, one of the crew onboard Mad Max, leading the NZ Striped Marlin Angler Section with 6000 points from 10 marlin.

Cathedral Cove Scenic Tours No Bait Tournament

We’re getting closer to the dates for this tournament too, with fishing on 4ht & 5th March, Remember all entry money will be returned as cash prizes.  In addition to $1000 cash donated by the major sponsor and many other sport prizes that will be drawn at prizegiving.  Entry forms at the club or online.

Club Draw –   1300      #654   Matt Crosby    N/C

 The Jug

$250 per draw

#1        #167    Cory

#2        #172    Jan

#3        #51      Pete

#4        #47      Ned

Chuck a Chook – Guest Tosser –  Goose – Past Chairman of Whakatane Fishing Club

#62      Lisa                  easy lob, but only just caught

#45      Jojo                 another easy catch

#98      Ned                 1st throw landed short, 2nd throw tried to drop it but the handle caught in his finger

#153    Nora                easy lob

#87      Ned                 dropped – bit to his left, couldn’t hold it

#3        Gaylene          another easy catch from a lob

Tight Lines





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