Tristram Marine Open 2020

Tristram Marine Open 2020

Mar 2, 2020 | Tournament Results

The club would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to Tristram Marine and all the other tournament sponsors.

Some reasonably good fishing in our area and a weather forecast that promised plenty of fishing days was enough to entice a good number of entries to the Tristram Marine Open which ran in conjunction with the Nationals. We had 182 anglers fishing on 57 boats, an increase of about 24% on last year’s numbers.

Sol-E-Mar was off to a good start with a couple of early tagged marlin and came home strong with another tagged marlin and some impressive mahi mahi however, when vessel Fyssher tagged their fourth billfish on Friday to go with the one they’d already weighed, they were always going to be hard to beat.

Although Sol-E-Mar was unable to claim the overall points prize in the Tristram Marine Open, their mahi mahi catch was easily enough to win the Dennis Davey Trophy (Team Champion) and the Maui Jim Trophy (Interclub) in the Nationals.

See below for the overall results, congratulations to all the winners



Blue Marlin        
1st Karl Murray   Shadow   197.8kgs
Striped Marlin        
1st Jason Walden   Kilvay   101.4kgs
Tag and Release Billfish        
4 Billfish Ben Sullivan   Fyssher    
  Steve Angus        
  Tom Johanson x 2        
3 Billfish Scott Evans x 2   Sol-E-Mar    
  Darryl Williams        
1 Billfish Nicholas McEntee   Carpe Diem    
  Mark Franklin   PayBack    
  Penny Murray   Goin’ Deep    
  Paul Chapman   Basecamp    
Yellow fin Tuna        
1st Bryan Medcalf   Zambucca   19.02kgs
1st Darryl Williams   Sol-E-Mar   11.7kgs
2nd Scott Evans   Sol-E-Mar   11.28kgs
3rd Jamie Carruthers   Limitless/Rifraf   9.89kgs
Skipjack Tuna        
1st Louis Wright   Highline Express   6.35kgs
2nd Joseph Brandt   Highline Express   6.26kgs
3rd Karl Murray   Shadow   6.03kgs
Albacore Tuna        
1st Amy Horscroft   Impulse   3.22kgs
2nd Andrew Horscroft   Impulse   2.61kgs
3rd Nathan Flowerday   Kyca Kola Zero   2.55kgs
1st Brook Evans   I C Red   14.26kgs
2nd Jarrad Hill   Sirius   13.26kgs
3rd Karl McDonald   Sirius   12.82kgs
1st Jim Nicholson   Out A Here   9.44kgs
2nd Mark Mitchell   Strike III   9.33kgs
3rd Michael Nicholson   Out A Here   8.44kgs
1st Laurie Monrad   Shadow   3.17kgs
2nd Bryn Jones   Jet Black   2.72kgs
3rd Ben Hibbert   Gin Club   2.68kgs
1st Jonathan Frankham   Salty Nuts   2.72kgs
2nd Pat Galbraith   Rampant Charters   2.51kgs
3rd Graeme Bee   Rampant Charters   2.32kgs
1st Mike Taylor   Infinity   120pts
2nd Jonathan Frankham   Salty Nuts   115pts
1st Jim Nicholson   Out A Here   236pts
2nd Michael Nicholson   Out A Here   211pts
1st Michael Nicholson   Out A Here   65pts
2nd Jim Nicholson   Out A Here   61pts
1st Shane Hartstone   Basecamp   58pts
2nd Geoff Smith   Rampant Charters   55pts
1st Pat Galbraith   Rampant Charters   126pts
2nd Graeme Bee   Rampant Charters   116pts
1st Michael Nicholson   Out A Here   246kgs
2nd Jeremy Waterer   Mercy   234pts
1st Jeremy Waterer   Mercy   325pts
2nd Shane Hartstone   Basecamp   195pts
1st Jeremy Waterer   Mercy   223pts
2nd Shane Hartstone   Basecamp   205pts
Open section        
1st     Fyssher   2236pts
2nd     Sol-E-Mar   1399pts
3rd     Basecamp   1035pts
Light Tackle section        
1st     Mercy   782pts
2nd     Basecamp   585pts
3rd     Out A Here   551pts


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