Tristram Marine Open 2018

Tristram Marine Open 2018

Feb 24, 2018 | Tournament Results

The Tristram Marine Open ran for eight days and despite a storm half way through last week, some boats were fishing on each of the eight days. We also saw marlin starting to be caught in reasonably good numbers although not all boats that caught marlin were in the tournament much to their chagrin. With the value of prizes and giveaways just under $70,000, the prize winners were very happy with their spoils and the 124 anglers fishing off 43 boats had a very enjoyable week.


Blue/Black Marlin
1st Chris Jacobsen Lumiere 163.5kg
Striped Marlin
1st Kelly Andrews Escapade NZ 111.1kg
Tag and Release Marlin
3 marlin Bill Hanock
Tim Montgomerie
Chris Ryan Sovereign Star
2 marlin Penny Murray Goin’ Deep
2 marlin Rex Vincent
James Young Gambino
1 marlin Brent Rogers Sirius
Selena Chaffey Saracen
Jeremy Waterer Mercy
Steve Ross Lumiere
Karen Brierly Escapade NZ
Ashley Wallis Caprice
Bryce Hooten Andiamo
Joanne Knight Aceiano
Yellow fin Tuna
1st Brett Gainsford Saracen 27.94kg
1st Bryce Hooten Andiamo 14.26kg
2nd Ian Wildman Payback 12.46kg
3rd Markus Wunderlich Mercy   8.50kg
Skipjack Tuna
1st John Corbett Jo Jo 5.42kg
2nd Jeremy Waterer Mercy 5.10kg
3rd Julie Pirie Bounty Hunter 5.00kg
1st Ian Kitchingman I C Red 17.24kg
2nd Ian Kitchingman I C red 14.26kg
3rd Neil Robertson I C Red 14.04kg
1st Ian Wildman Payback 8.69kg
2nd Mark Franklin Payback 7.56kg
3rd Denise Le Prou Moshpit 7.07kg
1st Del Roberts Strike Zone 2.53kg
2nd Jeremy Waterer Mercy 2.38kg
3rd Nigel Hanmore Jo Jo 2.29kg
1st Chris Verlander Ted 2.70kg
2nd Graeme Hayward Ted 2.68kg
3rd Chris Verlander Ted 2.44kg
1st Jeremy Waterer Mercy 250
2nd Markus Wunderlich Mercy 124
3rd Phil Swney Last Blast 84
1st Markus Wunderlich Mercy 461
2nd Jeremy Waterer Mercy 115
3rd Graeme Hayward Ted 106
1st Jeremy Waterer Mercy 198
2nd Markus Wunderlich Mercy 194
3rd Jeremy Waterer Mercy 166
1st Jeremy Waterer Mercy 142
2nd Markus Wunderlich Mercy 126
3rd Murray Stewart Last Blast 46
Open section
1st Mercy 1558
2nd Sovereign Star 1350
3rd = Gambino 900
3rd = Goin’ Deep 900
Light Tackle section
1st Mercy 1051
2nd Last Blast 242
3rd Salty Nuts 208
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