Top Ten Tuna 2018

Top Ten Tuna 2018

Jan 4, 2018 | Tournament Results


The tournament committee and sponsor have made the decision to cancel the tournament this weekend. Given the weather forecast and the likelihood of the tournament not being a success they have decided this is the only real option. The decision was not taken likely and we acknowledge that some people will be disappointed. There is no postponed date.

Alan Proctor


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FF 15 Feb

FISHING Once again I haven’t had a lot of feedback this week. It’s probably due in part to the sea conditions which for much of the week have been unfishable. Fortunately the forecast for the next week or so is much  better and with the Tristram Marine Open and the ...

FF 08 Feb

FISHING Once again, not a lot of feedback this week although a number of people took to the water on our National Holiday mid week.  It seems there were plenty of snapper caught in the Puddle and out behind Centre Island but other than that I didn’t hear much.  Out...

FF 25th Jan

FISHING There have been plenty of boats out on the water most days notwithstanding the wind speed, however I haven’t received much feed back regarding the success rate.  I’ve heard there are plenty of pannies in the river and we had an excellent day out wide last...


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