Stabicraft Trailer Boat Tournament 2018

Stabicraft Trailer Boat Tournament 2018

by Mar 10, 2018Tournament Results

A less than favourable weather forecast prior to the tournament saw the number of entries slightly down on last year but although the last day was definitely one for inshore fishing, boats were able to fish every day. We had marlin caught on the first two days and some big snapper on the last two – plenty of excitement for the 267 anglers involved. Of course the Stabicraft 1550 boat that was given away was a big draw card and congratulations goes to Dean Cook, a club member in a team that has been fishing our tournaments for 20 years now. Some fantastic support from the key sponsors ensured another huge prize pool for this tournament. The club’s thanks and appreciation goes to all sponsors involved.

ANGLER                               VESSEL                                  WEIGHT (kg)


1st           Finn Holmes                       Yogi                                        181.8

2nd          Morne Terblanche           Rattle and Hum                 144.2



Rene Rutten                       Reel Fun

Jason Rowe                        No Name


TUNA (all species)

1st           Darryl Williams                  Angille                                  4.94

2nd          Brad Johnson                     Dr Reb                                  3.83

3rd           Eric Rutten                          Reel Fun                               3.77

4th           Tom Mourits                      Reel Fun                               3.07

5th           Kahn Ngataua                    Nereus                                 2.77



1st           Timon Craig                        Titan Uranus                      3.56

2nd          Sandie Powell                    Kingfisher                            1.81

3rd           Stephen Bremner            Kingfisher                            0.88



1st           Tim Fairhurst                     Epic                                        26.16 (new junior club record)

2nd          Graeme Hayward             Ted                                        15.64

3rd           Maria Edwards                  Sea-R-Lis                              15.56



1st           Mark Franklin                    Payback                               9.82

2nd          Jarod Adams                      Smadas Revenge              9.40

3rd           Mark Franklin                    Payback                               8.62



1st           Michael Nicholson           Outahere                            2.87

2nd          Daniel Upperton              Whitiangler                         2.59

3rd           Rata Drum                           Whitiangler                         2.58



1st           Wade Adams                     Smadas Revenge              2.90

2nd          Chris Costello                     Great Catch                        2.87

3rd           Pete May                             Fishie Biz                              2.76

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