Pacific Coast Marine Top10 Tuna

Pacific Coast Marine Top10 Tuna

DATE: 4th – 11th Jan 2020

Less than a month to go for the 2020 Pacific Coast Marine Top Ten Tuna Tournament, get your team together and entry forms in, this year the tournament will be run over 8 days  Sat 4th – Sat 11th January 2020.

Please get your entries in as soon as you can, there is no briefing for this tournament but you will need to register after  11am on Friday 3rd January. Starter packs will contain tournament rules, sponsors material and other useful information.

Whilst people are welcome to fish all 8 days the background behind changing this tournament into an 8 day event was to give anglers the opportunity to pick the best weather days during this 8 day period and just fish those days.

Hours of fishing:  0600 Saturday Jan 4th till 1600 Saturday Jan 11th  

The Weigh Station is open from 1630 to 1930 on days one to seven and 1530 to 1830 on  day eight            

 – Prizegiving will be on the 11th Jan at 8PM in the Clubrooms giving anglers plenty of time for travelling home on Sunday.

Prizes will be awarded to the anglers catching the ten heaviest eligible fish regardless of line weight as follows:

1st: $3000.00               2nd: $2000.00             3rd $1000.00            4th: $700.00           

5th: $600.00                6th: $500.00                7th: $400.00                 8th: $300.00           

9th: $200.00              10th: $100.00

If two or more anglers catch fish of equal weight they will each receive the average of the relevant prizes.

None of these 10 cash prizes will be drawn.

There will be other drawn prizes at prize giving

 See you there

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