Kids Competition 2017

Kids Competition 2017

Jul 2, 2018 | Tournament Results

A fantastic event that attracted 186 entries, the competition was so big it spilled onto the adjacent beach due to a lack of space on the wharf. The competition organisers and the army of helpers on the day did an excellent job of keeping the kids entertained and there were a large number of prizes due to the generosity of the local business community. A whole lot of fun squashed into an hour and a half and our next generation of fishers look very enthusiastic.


1st           Declan Tucker

2nd          Raymond Retihuch

3rd           Finn Rolley



1st           Jesse Hayward

2nd          Zarah Rattray

3rd           Jax Walter



1st           Amarnee Tapu

2nd          Hayley Jeffcoat

3rd           Amber Leckie



1st           Lucy Munro

2nd          Cameron Frost

3rd           Dylan Flowerday



1st           Charlie Greenwood

2nd          Declan Tucker

3rd           Mitchell Hoebergen



1st           Baylin Ross

2nd          Mia Jones

3rd           Lucy Moore

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