Junior Tournament 2022

Junior Tournament 2022

Apr 30, 2022 | Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the Anglers that fished in the 9thJunior Tournament. Thanks to all our generous sponsors, we could not have done this without your generosity.

Special thanks to Ocean Sports Marine for the beautifully handcrafted Trophy for the heaviest snapper. – this years recipient is Hunter Nicholson

Some awesome prizes and Smiles all round.   Thanks to the organising team  Tina and Julz

20 team / 46 anglers

Last Junior Standing sponsored by Uber Air Ltd, a scenic trip around the peninsula :  Winner Liam Clothier



Results as per below

Hunter Nicholson currently holds the heaviest Snapper Trophy

1 Logan Paton Wild Card 10.10kgs
2 Cade Paton Wild Card 9.14kgs
3 Kayden Te Manu Splash 7.18kgs
1 Hunter Nicholson Outahere 7.38kgs
2 Kayden Te Manu Splash 7.31kgs
3 Koby Maxwell Mad Max 7.2kgs
1 Iylah-Rose Blue Nek Minnit 2.54kgs
2 Kate Davies Asylum 2..25kgs
3 Levi Nicholson Outahere 2.1kgs
1 Kate Davies Asylum 1.84kgs
2 Laken LeCouteur Seawitch 1.84kgs
3 Desmond Richards Knight Ship 1.56kgs
Tuna –  all Skipjack      
1 Carlos Simpson The Duke 1.37kgs
2 Koby Maxwell Mad Max 1.36kgs
3 Koby Maxwell Mad Max 1.29kgs


Youth Nationals  2022  

First place winners

Section A – Champion Youth Angler

Primary School Category – Kahawai

Hunter Nicholson – 195.00 Points

Mercury Bay GFC


Section B – all tackle

High School Category – Kahawai

Kate Davies – 2.25kg

Mercury Bay GFC


High School Category – Skipjack & Slender Tuna

James Davies – 7.91kg

Mercury Bay GFC


Primary School Category – Snapper

Hunter Nicholson – 7.38kg

Mercury Bay GFC


2nd and 3rd placings

Section A

3              HUNTER NICHOLSON      Champion New Zealand Youth Angler Primary School       Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club       1              Kingfish                88.5

3              LEVI NICHOLSON              Champion New Zealand Youth Angler Primary School       Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club       1              Snapper               164


Section B



2              KAYDEN TE MANU           Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                 Snapper               7.31

3              KOBY MAXWELL               Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                 Snapper               7.2                         

2              LAKEN LE COUTEUR         Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                 Trevally                 1.84


Section C – Overall Champion Primary

3              HUNTER NICHOLSON      Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                 4              427.17


Section G – Interclub – champion per club – secondary  

                Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                                

1              CARLOS SIMPSON            3              75.6

2              JAYDE SIMPSON               2              52

3              KYLE LAKER                         1              17.2


Champion per club – primary

                Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club                                

1              HUNTER NICHOLSON     4              427.17

2              LEVI NICHOLSON              2              313

3              KOBY MAXWELL               3              103.7

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