Friday Flash 24.12.21



Not a lot to report this week as I haven’t heard from many people.  The snapper fishing is still okay in the Puddle and off the Whau Whau.  We also had a few kingfish and a couple of Hapuku caught not far from the Mercury Islands.  Crayfish, both reds and packies, have also been relatively easy to come by in recent weeks.  There’s going to be a lot of people on the water over the next couple of weeks.  Please remembers there’s nothing wrong with catching a feed for the family but don’t feel you have to take as much as you can get every time you head out.  Good luck out there and enjoy the weather.

Opening Hours:

For the next few weeks, the bar will be open from 2pm.  Bar snacks will be available (pies heated in microwave) but kitchen won’t be open until 5.30pm each day.  We are only closed one day a year and it is Christmas Day.

SUZUKI Top Tuna Ten Tournament:

Just a reminder this tournament starts on New Years day and finishes 8 days later on the following Saturday.  Only $65/angler entry fee and at least $10,000 in cash prizes as well as 5 SUZUKI outboard motors to be won.  Entries are on our website  here or at the bar, registration is on Friday 31st Dec from 11.00am (that’s when you pick up your starter pack, rules, angler details etc)


New Staff:

We would like to welcome the new staff that have started in the last week or two.  We are very pleased to have been able to take on such a high calibre of people.  In no particular order we have Tony, Zoe and Aidan in the bar and Poppy, Debbie in the kitchen along with Hannah Hardy who has returned to work here. Welcome aboard everybody and thanks for the great work you’ve put in so far.

Variety Fishing Comp:

This nationwide competition is organised by Variety – the Children’s Charity and entry tickets are available over the bar.  There are a huge range of prizes to be won for different categories and there will be a drawn prize for a Ford Puma car.  See details at:


VHF channel 65:

This channel is now up and running and we anticipate we will get excellent coverage.  However, we do need to test this over the summer and we would appreciate any feedback about where you find you are or are not getting coverage (we need to know both).  Whenever the office is manned (this won’t be the case on public holidays or weekends) we will respond to calls made to ‘gamebase’ and we can judge the quality.  If you have feedback from other times please email to with location (Coordinates are best) and quality of the radio call.


57 Raffles

Club draw: 22.12.21  $1600.00     # 2361  Rob Harris

Club draw: 22.12.21  $1000.00     # 2603  Finn Patterson N/C

4 Jug Draws

# 21     Bryn

# 25     Pat

# 9       Ty

# 32     Judith


Complimentary Meal At House Of Chang Thai    #57 Lisa

CHUCK A CHOOK  Guest Tosser   Troy – Happy Birthday to our bar lady

132        Jeremy                 Safe Catch

123        Rob                       Another good catch

10          ?                            1st throw didn’t make it

2nd throw over her hear

3rd time lucky

14           Mary                     Hard throw, good catch

153        Mary                     Tried to put her off by throwing a ticket at the same time

But well caught away.


Tight Lines



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