FF 28 Jun

FF 28 Jun


Once again I haven’t received much feedback this week which is probably a reflection of how much fishing is going on.  The reports I did get were somewhat conflicting with a couple of crews struggling to get amongst the snapper even though they tried several spots around the bay.  Others fared a lot better further out with fish being caught around Stanley Island and Korapuki.


We are still searching for the right person or group of people to look after this tournament for us.  We have a wealth of knowledge here from people who have been organizing tournaments for many years and full support and assistance will be given.  Please contact the office or a member of the committee if you want to find out more about what is involved.


A week or so ago Bryce Healey was fishing off Waihau Bay with Thomas Maxwell from Mad Max Sportfishing NZ and they caught a southern bluefin tuna that they brought back and weighed here – a good fish at 49.82kg, well done.  There’s been talk from a few guys who may try to target them out of Whitianga as the tuna head north if we get a good couple of weather days.  Remember there is now a bag limit on this species of one fish per person per day.


Monday July 1st is the first day of the new season.  NZSFC issue certificates (which we present at our prizegiving) for ‘firsts’ of the year so if you happen to be out fishing and catch a decent fish, bring it in to get weighed and see how you get on.  We also have several trophies that will be up for grabs from July 1st – the Somervell Cup (first gamefish of the season), Peachey-Gardiner Trophy (first gamefish of the season by a lady angler) and the Winter Trophy (gamefish scoring most points during the winter season).  Fish must go line-weight for these trophies.  Remember too that you must have paid this year’s subs (i.e. the invoice you received in the last week or two) before you go fishing if you want your fish to count for any pins, records, trophies etc.


With the new season about to start on Monday July 1st, the Club would like to advise members of a change to our fishing rules.  The NZSFC has changed its policy on fish recording from a fish being recorded to the weighing club to a fish being recorded to the angler’s club.

This means that in future we will not record a courtesy weighed fish by an angler from another club on our fish list.

More importantly for our members we will now include fish weighed elsewhere on our fish list provided:

(i)  the angler provides us with the original catch card from the weighing club clearly marked with “Courtesy Weigh for Mercury Bay”.

(ii) gear is submitted to our weighmasters for checking unless the catch card clearly indicates that this has been done by the weighing club.

For tagged fish the requirements remains that we must have the original tag card in our possession for a tagged fish to be recorded to our Club.

Regarding recognition of fish weighed elsewhere by our members, currently they are eligible to be a club record but not for pins or trophies.  That policy was decided by a referendum in years gone by and will be reviewed in a referendum in September.  Any changes to the policy will be back dated to July 1st 2019.


#937 Wayne Morrison Contact us by next Wednesday to claim your prize


#423 $1200 Karen Burgess            N/C


#01 $250 #27 John
#02 $250 #44 Brad
#03 $250 #77 Steve


#13 Cassy

CHUCK A CHOOK Guest Tosser – Penny Sanson

#8 Pete T Dropped – simple throw, not good enough
#21 Jill Too soft
#46 Paula Another soft one – she’s a better catcher than that
#30 Leonie Same again – too easy
#48 Gordon No trouble
#42 Paula No problem again.

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