FF 19 Oct

FF 19 Oct

Oct 19, 2018


There’s some pretty good fishing out there for what is normally a fairly quiet time of the year. It’s fair to say that things aren’t quite as good as they were a couple of months ago but there are some good fish being caught and most trips out on the water will result in a good feed of fish. With the snapper tournament on tomorrow, people have been keeping their cards close to their chests but there have been good reports from around the Puddle. Remember this is a breeding area for snapper and whilst the water hasn’t warmed enough to trigger that activity yet, it’s no surprise that these fish will be starting to congregate in that vicinity. There are plenty of other species being caught too and I spoke to one guy who caught from the same spot, anchored, snapper, gurnard, trevally and a hapuku – not bad for a morning fish out in the Puddle!. The scallops are still in excellent condition, we’re having a great run. With such a good forecast for this holiday weekend I’m sure there will be plenty of people getting the opportunity to sample these tasty morsels.


With an excellent weather forecast we’re expecting to see lots of boats out on the water for this tournament. Be sure to get your entry in as soon as you have your crew organized. There will be no late entries and they  will close when the bar closes tonight.


This is only a couple of weeks away now. It’s a huge tournament with more than 300 anglers and we will be feeding them and providing refreshments. It will be a busy weekend for the staff and the club’s facilities so some patience may be required. Their activities will be predominately in the Blue Lagoon so please make them feel welcome and we look forward to a successful tournament for Extreme Boats and for the Club.


#1330 Sergi Corfield Contact us by next Wednesday to claim your prize.


#2403 $700 Anne May            N/C


#01 $250 #01 Ann
#02 $250 #81 Russel


#30 Melissa

CHUCK A CHOOK Guest Tosser – ‘Prop’ – all the way from Dannevirke

35 Chachreekan Nice catch
23 Bruce Good throw
87 Folk Good catch
90 ?? Hard throw but caught
57 John No catch way too hard
29 Rowena Nice throw to the lady
74 Vance Almost
89 Ann Lovely catch

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