Photos for our facebook page

Photos for our facebook page

by Dec 31, 2019Social News

We love seeing and posting your photos of fish and/or related fishing news.  

So we can get them on our facebook page we need you to send them to us in any of the following ways.

Please note the new phone number 027 3247943 – we can’t post them on the club’s page unless they come to this number (save it in your phone) or you can post directly onto our facebook page Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club

Some of the options to send photos are:

Whatsapp                           ph: 027 3247943

Messenger                         Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club

Email 1                      


Email the office      

Text Message                    ph: 027 3247943

Tag us or directly to our facebook page:  Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club

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VHF RADIO – channel 65

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