Club Rules

Fishing Rules as of 1 JULY 2015


 1 July – 30 June

Winter Season

1 July – 30 September

Fishing Area

NZ 200 mile EEZ

Local Waters

Waters within the MBGFC Tournament Boundaries

Weigh Station

Whitianga Wharf and MBGFC Clubrooms


Time of Catch

The skippers recorded time of a fish being boated or tagged is deemed to be the time of catch.

Catch Cards

Must be completed fully and correctly with first and last name (not initials) before fish are presented to the Weighmaster.

Catch List

All fished weighed at the MBGFC weigh station. All tag and/or release cards handed in to the MBGFC weigh station.

Courtesy Weighing

Non MBGFC members may have their fish courtesy weighed at the MBGFC weigh station. A catch card will be given to the angler and a copy retained for inclusion in the MBGFC catch list.

Club Records

All financial members of the MBGFC are eligible to break existing or set new Club records for gamefish providing IGFA rules are observed. Fish can be weighed at the MBGFC weigh station or elsewhere in New Zealand providing a courtesy weigh is carried out and the angler forwards a copy of the weigh sheet to the MBGFC office. Fish DO NOT have to exceed the breaking strain of the line.


(Silver miniatures of the species caught)

All financial members of the MBGFC are eligible to be awarded pins providing IGFA rules are observed and the fish is weighed at the MBGFC weigh station. Fish must not weigh less than the breaking strain of the line used. Pins are awarded as follows:-

Light Tackle– includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 kg line classes.

1. First fish of each species (all line classes combined)

2. Heaviest fish of each species for season in each line class.

Heavy Tackle– includes 15, 24, 37 and 60kg line classes.

As well as fish having to make line weight, minimum weights of 90kg for marlin apply.

1. First fish of each species (all line classes combined)

2. Fish increasing by 10kg (billfish and sharks) and 3kg (tuna and kingfish) throughout season.


All financial members of the MBGFC are eligible to be awarded trophies providing IGFA rules are observed and the fish is included in the MBGFC catch list.

Fish must be caught by MBGFC members to count towards boat trophies. Fish DO NOT have to exceed the breaking strain of the line except for the awarding of the Somervell Cup, Peachey-Gardiner Trophy and Winter Trophy.

On heavy tackle minimum weights of 90kg for marlin apply.

Points Formula

Fish Weight x 100  / line weight

e.g. 60kg fish on 24kg line earns 250 points

Iki Spiking

Iki spiking is encouraged and is not classified as mutilation.

Bleeding of Fish

Bleeding of fish to improve food quality is encouraged and bled fish are eligible for Club records. However, possible World or New Zealand record fish must NOT be bled or a claim will be ineligible.

Tag & Release of Fish

Broadbill, marlin, yellowfin, makos, blue sharks (over 5kg), and kingfish (over 75cm) are subject to a MFish scientific tagging programme and will gain points towards season tallies for individual and boat trophies. A fully completed MFish tag card and a fully completed MBGFC catch card must be presented to a weighmaster along with gear for checking no later than twenty eight (28) days after the date of catch and by July 7.

Points for Tagged & Released Fish

Broadbill & Marlin 450
Sharks 75
Yellowfin 60
Kingfish 25

Junior Anglers

Junior members cease to be junior anglers when they turn seventeen.

Day Membership

A $15 daily fee entitles an angler to join the Club for a calendar day (from midnight to midnight). To be eligible for day membership an angler must either:-

a) fill in a day membership form or if unavailable, the back of an envelope or piece of paper with the following information –

date(s) fishing, boat name, full name, address, phone/mobile number/s, birth date (if 16 or under), amount of payment, and signature. This, with the appropriate fee must be put under the main door of the clubrooms or handed in to the club office PRIOR to leaving the wharf to go fishing OR:

b) fill in a day membership form available on a licensed charter vessel, which has been pre-paid by the skipper. The skipper will in turn radio Gamebase with the appropriate name, membership number and date before leaving the wharf or if overnighting elsewhere prior to 8am or starting fishing whichever is sooner.

Fish Caught Elsewhere by Members

Fish weighed at weigh stations in New Zealand other than the Whitianga Wharf are not eligible to be included in the MBGFC catch list but will be included in a separate list if catch cards are handed in signed by an official of the weighing club. Such fish are not eligible for MBGFC pins or trophies but will be eligible for Club records.

Tagged & released fish when tag cards are handed in to other clubs may also be included on this list. Fish weighed overseas may also be included but they are ineligible for Club records.

Charter Vessels

Vessels displaying a current MNZ number are deemed to be charter vessels for the purpose of awarding trophies unless the Club receives written notification that no charters are to be undertaken BEFORE the start of any season. No change to that status can be made during a season.

Commercial Vessels

Gamefish caught from commercial vessels are not eligible to count towards individual angler pins or trophies, or launch trophies, other than those designated for commercial vessels. They are eligible for Club records however. Commercial vessels are boats that are registered for the purpose of catching fish for sale. Commercial vessels that obtain a particular approval under Section 111(1)(a) of the Fisheries Act are deemed to be non-commercial for that period. The approval must be in the MBGFC office prior to going fishing.

Transport of Fish

Fish may be transported to the weigh station by any method or combination of methods. It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure that fish arrive in good condition and are removed after weighing.

Line Testing

The angler must specify the breaking strain of the line used in a catch. If a line overtests it will be moved up to the appropriate line class. If it undertests it will not be moved down.

Light Tackle Tournament

If this tournament is not held in a season the Jackson Cup will be awarded to the vessel scoring the most points accumulated from their highest points scoring fish of each species caught on light tackle throughout the season.

IGFA Rules & NZSFC Rules & By Laws

Where not specifically covered by these rules all fish must be caught under the IGFA Rules and NZSFC Rules & By Laws. It is the responsibility of every angler to have a full understanding of these rules and to fish by them.

Gamefish species recognised by NZSFC

Broadbill Swordfish Albacore Mako
Black Marlin Wahoo Hammerhead
Blue Marlin Mahimahi Blue Shark
Striped Marlin Kingfish Thresher
Shortbill Spearfish Kahawai Tope
Bluefin Tuna Trevally Bronzewhaler
Bigeye Tuna Snapper Tiger Shark
Yellowfin Tuna Giant Sea Bass Porbeagle
Slender Tuna Hapuku Dusky Shark
Skipjack Tuna

Other species of saltwater fish caught in South Pacific waters that are recognised by IGFA Rules


Any disputes regarding fish caught and the awarding of pins and trophies must be made in writing to the Committee of the MBGFC. Disputes will be dealt with by a sub-committee appointed for that purpose and their decision will be final.


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