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FF 21 Jun

FISHING I haven’t heard a lot from people this week so far. What news I have heard has been pretty positive with plenty of snapper being caught. Out around the Mercury Islands has been popular but I don’t know how they’ve got on closer in around the bay this week....

FF 14 Jun

FISHING There hasn’t been a lot of change since last week.   There seems to be plenty of snapper out there with some really good ones amongst them.  I’ve heard good reports from around most of the islands but I had someone tell me they had been doing exceptionally...

FF 31 May

FISHING I’m still getting lots of excellent reports about the fishing out of Whitianga.  There are plenty of bait fish around so you can have the nice fresh baits that big fish love.  The common message is that many of the snapper are really big and I’ve heard from a...


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